Welsh Lamb is currently an unfamiliar brand with minimal distribution in Sweden, so we needed an inventive approach.

The idea that came to us was this:

In Sweden, the first new potatoes of the year are usually auctioned off, as is the first lobster of the year. Now we think it’s time for the first Welsh Lamb of the year to go under the hammer on Tradera, the Swedish equivalent of eBay. This provided an exciting opportunity for a relatively unknown brand to gain coverage both in digital channels and via PR, not least since Tradera is one of Sweden’s largest marketplaces, with over 2 million visitors a week. And it’s not exactly common for a whole lamb to be put up for auction on the site. In fact it’s never happened since the site was launched in 1999. Welsh Lamb, which has PGI status, is only sold in a few stores, but demand is strong. And hopefully it will get stronger.

The auction on Tradera ended on Sunday 29 May at 17.10. And the winner was able to collect their winnings shortly after – 13-15 kilos of fresh lamb, butchered into around 20 traditional Welsh cuts.

The outcome of the campaign: