A new name and profile for Jönköping University that not only tells you who they are but also who they would like to be.

Since Jönköping University has about 10 000 students, of which 1 500 are international, and is one of the best in terms of international student exchanges, the aim was to create a name and profile based on their new vision:

”We build an international university in Jönköping which attracts highly qualified, inventive and enterprising people from all around the world.”

After vast amounts of tape, colour printouts and way too many cups of coffee, we came up with the name Jönköping University together with the board of directors. The new name was given an ageless yet modern logo with a stable authority. A logo which should be able to stand alone on, for example, profile material, but equally be able to work together with the fonts which shares and strengthens the values of the logo in regards to the graphic clarity and agelessness. The choice of colours underlines the graphic strength in the logo and together they emphasize its values; functionality, clarity and agelessness. In other words: the logo should work just as well on stationary as on a t-shirt worn by a girl from Japan. In five years from now.