Serneke is building an attractive, densified borough on Lindholmen which will be called Karlastaden and is thought to become Gothenburg’s new city centre. A city centre who’s crown jewel will be the 266 metres tall skyscraper Karlatornet.
The clever thing about building this high, apart from the fantastic view, is that you can build a borough with a very high density on a relatively small piece of land. And this is the key to create a borough where its inhabitants have access to all the things that makes city life meaningful.

Our job was to help the general public understand the idea that by building smart i.e. by building high, you can quickly create a living city centre on Lindholmen. The further away we are from the site itself in our communication (print ads in GP, GT, Aftonbladet and Metro, as well film and banners online) the more the communication talks about the idea behind the project. Sort of a quick guide in the art of creating a densified borough by building high. However, as we get closer to the site geographically (outdoor advertising and DM) we talk about the advantages of living near to what will become the new city centre.

Karlastaden Ads-1
Karlastaden Ads-2
Full page print ads in GP, GT, Aftonbladet and Metro.

The film can be seen online at and on the electric bus that runs between Chalmers and Lindholmen. It has also been shared actively in Serneke’s own social media channels.

karlastaden utomhus_mindre
The outdoor ads talks about the advantages of living and working near the place which will become Gothenburg’s new city centre.

We produced DM in about 150 different versions as we wanted to be personal, and to be able to tell people exactly how many metres it will be between where they are and where the new city centre of Gothenburg will be.