The week of sailing events during Match Cup Sweden in Marstrand attracts around a hundred thousand people. And many companies make the most of this exclusive event to treat potential and existing customers to everything from sailing competitions and talks to rosé.

As such, decision-makers in major companies may well receive quite a few invitations that employ exclusive materials to conjure a sense of flair and celebration.

Hans Andersson Recycling from Hisingen in Gothenburg wanted to stand out amongst this glittering display and get people to attend their talks and visit their stand.

To source exclusive material that signals serious professionalism, we headed out to Hans Andersson’s paper recycling centre. Here we found everything we needed in the form of used envelopes, letter paper, bills and old school stencils.

Then we hand-wrote each invitation on second-hand paper, placed it in an old used envelope and taped it shut. By the end, we had a whole stack of exclusive VIP invitations that showcased the very best side of Hans Andersson – as the serious recycling company it is.