On the 18th of June Kosta Boda is hosting the world’s first auction based on emotions. Everyone is invited to place a bid on the unique art glass pieces created by three of Kosta Boda’s most prominent artists. Together the pieces are worth more than 25 000 euro but not one cent will change hands during the auction. Emotions are used as currency for the bidding – not money.

While watching the art glass, the visitor’s emotions will be measured using biometric sensors and the person who feels the strongest will win the auction. The aim is to draw attention to Kosta Boda’s artists and the contemporary art glass they are creating in Sweden today. Isn’t it nice that for once the debate is about the emotions that the art brings rather than how much it costs?

The auction takes place in Kungsträdgården, Stockholm and can be followed at auctionbasedonemotions.com and at #kostabodaauction