Our first job for Keolis, one of Europe’s largest suppliers of public transport, was to launch an environmental campaign during TCS Lidingöloppet, an annual cross country running competition. The result was a biogas campaign that had excrement at its communicative heart.

As partners for TCS Lidingöloppet, Keolis and SL wanted to use this opportunity to market the eco-friendly public transport that was carrying the runners to and from the competition. After a great deal of digging around, it turned out the one thing that united both the biogas buses and the Lidingö residents’ attitude to the competition – was human excrement.

And so to our campaign theme: The idea behind the tagline “Thanks for your fuel contribution!” was to explain that everything deposited in the portable toilets over the course of the competition would be taken to a wastewater treatment plant, where it would eventually be turned into the biogas that fuels many of Keolis’ buses on SL’s routes.

In addition to posters on portable toilets and other advertising spaces associated with the competition, and the presence of service staff from Keolis – who in honour of the campaign were given the title “Fuel technicians” – there were also “poop bag stations” located strategically along the running route. This enabled the runners to deposit their fuel contribution even when they were caught short. And the residents of Lidingö avoided the unpleasantness of the usual poop-fest in the forest in the days after the race.

31 tonnes of waste had been collected by the time the 40,000 runners had completed the run, enough to power bus route no. 4 in Stockholm for a whole day.

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